This is where the casting process begins. To be sure of quality we use hard wax from reputable manufacturers like Blayson and Remet. It gives us possibilities to keep very high dimensional accuracy. Using hydraulic injection machines ensures reproducibility and production speed. The dies are additionally equipped with a cooling and ejectors systems to improve the process. After cleaning and quality control, the models are assembly to sets.



Ceramic materials provides world’s top suppliers in this business. We also do not forget about environmental protection. Water-based mixtures has excellent properties and also it is environmentally friendly. The integrated air-conditional system and humidity maintenance, allow us to control our drying process very close.

Supervisor - Production Menager


We are specialize in steel castings, but also produce parts from iron and non-ferrous metals. We use low-carbon base material and high-quality ferroalloys to preparing the right composition suited to Your needs. Each melt is analyzed at least three times by SPECTROMAXx. You need help? Our engineers will definitely find a solution. We also cooperate with academic units like AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków and University of Technology and Humanities in Radom.

Supervisor - Production Menager


Firstly, castings are rigorous checked in X-Ray cabin. This device is working in real time, allows you to check the internal structure of parts. After that, castings goes to visual inspection, grinding, cleaning, control on compliance with the technical drawing and finally, supervisor accept the ready parts according to your guidelines. Specialized tests are carried by a certified laboratory in Gdansk.

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